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The American Flag REFLECTIONS ON OUR FLAG The American Flag
Flag Day 2002
Joanne Shelby

For 225 years she has flown proud and true,
Our Glorious Flag of Red, White and Blue.
Our Standard, our Colors our Banner so free,
What should this flag mean to you and me?
50 white stars rest on a field of dark blue,
One for each State, really for me and for you.

The Stars are our lights shining from sea to sea,
50 stars lit by a people living proud and free.
Look at the stripes of Red and White,
You will see our Nations story shining bright.

The Red for the blood shed in Battle near and far,
The White to remind us of who we are.
Valley Forge, Yorktown, Minutemen true,
Fort McHenry, Antietam and Gettysburg too.

There is San Juan Hill, and Remember the Maine,
Proud men who gave all without thought of fame.
World War I sent our Colors to foreign shores,
Remember Pearl Harbor, Normandy and so many more.
Brave Soldiers raised her on Iwo Jima’s Isle with pride,
In Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf she flew at Soldiers side.

On September 11, our Flag, of Red White and Blue,
Rose from the smoke and dust so beautiful and true.
So what should she mean to you and to me?
Our Country, our lives now and forever FREE!

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